Memento Abandon. Like shedding skin, these objects have been consumed, and thrown out, though they are not where they are supposed to be, out of sight. Waste is an aspect of everyday life, ignored by a society that seems focused on the next best thing. The object was once desired, fulfilled a purpose and then cast aside for the new and the better. These objects can take on new meaning while they lay in the street and on the side walk. Documenting the abandoned trash in public spaces becomes evidence of the value system of commodity culture. The photographs of Memento record and display the failure of the items ability to sustain the desire of the former owner. Representations of trash, buildings, and lost objects fill in for the people and community that discarded them. Considered “ugly” work, these images portray an aspect of the everyday that is often ignored, or tuned out, portraying the ostentation of commerce. The everyday experience then becomes tantamount to the objects displaced from purpose.