Window Shopping Shopping is a constant, people need to obtain goods and services. Taking into account the online market, most shopping still happens in a physical space: a grocery store, a gift shop, the list goes on. All provide products to be consumed, and contribute to the construction of an identity. Besides the apparent and obvious reasons for shopping, when observed, the space, act of shopping, and even the interaction between supplier and patron is an experience to consider. The "shop" or the store is an intriguing space. It is a place that is public in nature. People wander about looking for a product that best suits their need. At the same time, the persons look recede into themselves, in contemplation of the products offered.The shop or store then becomes a place of introspection, forgoing a presence for the public eye, no longer posing or posturing for the gaze of the people around them. Immersed in the moment, oblivious to the surrounding environment, the shopper is exposed. It is these moments of introspection that I feel need reflection. Those small instances we experience while looking for significance. It is a process of mutual consumption.