Stationed The cinematic look of Stationed is a deliberate choice. The images are not “arrested” in time. Considering the idea of staging photographs, a project came to mind of representing everyday people within their homes in a visually cinematic way. The cinema or movies are a dominant modern form of storytelling. The “look” of a movie still, or that cinematic feel is easily recognizable and reaches out to a greater audience. The participants were asked to think about spaces within their home that are used the most, and of objects that are used frequently as well. These spaces and objects would create the world of the photograph. The contrived nature of the images does not invalidate the circumstance of the image. The actions represented therein are reenactments, constructed scenes of the everyday happenings that take place within the space by the people who live there. The photographs are collaborations, choices made about the space, the objects within, even the time the photographs were taken. These collaborations are not so different from the everyday choices made by individuals on the construction of their identity.