Ringold Off the East bank of the Columbia River outside the Tri Cities WA, is Ringold, a WDFW fish hatchery, that still operates in a rudimentary fashion. Currently there are three to four full-time operators who facilitate the Ringold hatchery, these caretakers are responsible for raising Tiger Muskee, Steelhead, and Fall Chinook Salmon. Serving both the micro and the macro, the Fall Chinook Salmon raised at Ringold are distributed throughout Washington State to food banks. The Ringold fish hatchery contributes an aesthetic to a regional cultural phenomenon that is indispensable to the imagery and identity of Washington State, the iconic Salmon. The Steelhead that return to Ringold are sampled by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for a disease called IHN, an affliction prevalent in Steelhead species. A scale sample is also taken from the fish to determine how many years the fish spent in the ocean. This particular throng was a “two salt,” a categorization used to determine the amount of time a fish or school of fish lived in the ocean. The reason for their return? Simple, it is the place they were born. Ringold examines the Fall Chinook Salmon and Steelhead run of 2015-2016.