F.A.P. What makes a fine art photograph? The nude, or is it the nostalgic monochromatic silver-gelatin print? Pristine landscapes strategically composed to depict the sublime wilderness (both beautiful and frightening), or still lingering sense of Manifest Destiny. A still life, or a contrived studio photograph meticulously crafted and edited. Is it the candid imagery, windows into the everyday both banal and extraordinary. Maybe it is none of the above, perhaps it could be said that its not the photographer rather the institutions that determine what is and isn’t. F.A.P. is a project that is both question and statement. A kin to Claus Oldenburg, and Duchamp, Fine Art Photography questions institutional standards and social fads applied to the photographic craft. F.A.P. is meta, a statement of affirmation without outside validation. This projects intention is to contribute to the greater dialog of photography, a critique of the photographic institution.